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Upper East Side Kitchen Restoration

Prompted by water damage, the project aims to revive the kitchen's former glory, ensuring a seamless blend of functionality and elegance. With meticulous assessments, skilled craftsmanship, and an eye for detail, our team endeavors to deliver a breathtaking kitchen space that exceeds the homeowners' expectations.

Midtown Water Damage Restoration

The Midtown Kitchen Project Restoration revived a water-damaged space, caused by a fridge leakage. We meticulously repaired and transformed the kitchen into a modern, functional, and visually stunning area, delighting the owners and visitors alike.

Chelsea Mold Remediation

The Project was a challenging yet transformative undertaking. The bathroom had been severely affected by mold due to a burst pipe from an upstairs neighbor. Our team of experts tackled the issue head-on, removing the mold and restoring the space to its former glory. 

Upper West Side Bathroom Restoration

The Upper West Side Bathroom Project Restoration was a much-needed intervention to rectify the lack of proper waterproofing that led to a damaging leak downstairs. The restoration team efficiently addressed the issue, implementing the right waterproofing measures and diligently repairing the affected areas. Not only we resolved the leak problem but also revamped the bathroom.

Smoke Damage Kitchen Restoration

The Kitchen Project Restoration in the Lower East Side was a meticulous effort to restore a kitchen that had suffered smoke damage from the oven. The base cabinets were particularly affected, leaving them discolored and compromised. Our expert craftsmanship not only revitalized the kitchen's appearance but also ensured a safe and functional cooking space for the homeowners to enjoy once again.

Full Aprtment Restoration in Brooklyn

The Full Apartment Project Restoration in Brooklyn was an extensive undertaking to address the water damage caused by a laundry machine leakage. We at NYHR, faced the challenge of replacing the damaged wood floors as well as the base cabinets in the kitchen, which were also affected by the water. Our team diligently restored the apartment, installing new and beautiful wood floors and modern base cabinets. The result was a fully revived living space that exuded both elegance and functionality, leaving the residents delighted with their renewed home.

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